Adhere to Standard Operating Procedures

With Fuelix, you can customize your checklists and tailor them to fit the needs of your business. Categories, checklists, and tasks can all be set up to ensure standard practices are being followed at your organization.

With standard operating procedures in place, errors and poorly executed tasks become a thing of the past. Through Fuelix Checklist, you can be certain that all employees are following the best practices of your organization.


The Clients That Trust Us

What Our Application and Software Can Do For You

Raise standards, safety and quality through consistent accountability

  • Scheduled checklists
  • Photographic evidence of checks
  • Industry specific processes
  • Review and audit checklists easily and effectively

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Fuel Station

  • Live reporting
  • Data visualisation
  • Location data on each checklist submission
  • Create action items based on custom report outcomes

Proactive management from anywhere on the planet

  • Cloud hosted system
  • Custom alerts based on checklist outcomes
  • Detect trends early
  • Report exports